Dearest Enemy

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I’ve always loved Wales.  Partly because it’s family legend that we are of Welsh origin, partly because ancient mystery seems to seep from the old forests, the hills and those mysterious things we call standing stones.  I really enjoyed travelling to Wales again to do background research for Dearest Enemy, one of my backlist titles now reissued in eBook format.

Dearest Enemy is a romantic mystery set in an old, slightly haunted hotel that is being targeted with disaster.  The insurance company naturally suspects the owner.  Elain, a budding artist who earns her living as a private investigator, is sent to the hotel undercover to try to prove the insurance company’s suspicions are right.

It’s great to be a writer on a research trip.  You see an interesting old house and just stop and ask the owners if you can tour it.  I found some of the elements that make up my mystery background in various places, imagined some more, and then put them all together in one location.  Abracadabra!

If you missed Dearest Enemy first time round, I hope you’ll take a look in eBook.