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Hello, and welcome to my first blog post in 11 years―almost to the day!  (Back then we were still calling them newsletters or something.)  Thank you for visiting my website.  It’s great to be back online, and I hope you’ll approve of the all-new website design.  Believe me, we  sweated over it!

As maybe you’ll have noticed, many of my recent books have been issued in eBook format recently.  Just great for me, and I hope you’ll be interested, too.  All my book-length Sons of the Desert titles, right from Bride of the Sheikh, which first came out in 1997 and kickstarted the sheikh genre, up to Sheikh’s Betrayal, are included.  Harlequin has just added Dearest Enemy to my eBook backlist, so if you never caught that first time around, I hope you’ll check it out.  Soon to come in the backlist eBook re-issue is Captive of Desire, one of my most popular titles.  Watch this space!

My really big news:  a brand new Sons of the Desert book, Poor Little Rich Girl’s Sheikh, will be available in eBook before Christmas, schedules permitting.  It’s a tables-turned story, as no doubt you guessed from the title―what happens when that gorgeous waiter you once had a fling with turns out to be the Sultan’s right-hand man, while you’ve lost everything and now have to beg?  What would you do?  I hope you’ll enjoy reading What Viola Did!  (That was my alternate title. Not!)

I’m just getting used to having an online presence again, and while I was away, look what’s happened!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest―who’d have guessed?  I’m hoping to write a blog post here at least once a month, but if you happen to be starved for contact in between, do please check in with me on Facebook and Twitter!  Learn all about how to stomp grapes barefoot in an old baby bath!  See if we get wine or vinegar!  Watch the terrace cats attempt to take over the house in time for winter!   Oh, it’ll be all go here.

And I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures on Pinterest, too.  Some photos of my travels in the Middle East will go up soon.  Oh, those wonderful, glory days when one could!

Thanks for visiting, come again, and meanwhile, don’t forget–to almost every problem, the answer is Love.

Love, Alexandra