Spoken Cat

and relevant factors in worldview

The language of Cats is as old as what humans call “the domestiCation of the Cat” (Cats give it quite a different name), doubtless much older, and has survived throughout the period of human historical record apparently with little change to the present day.’

Thus begins the introduction to this arresting and quite wonderful book about language, cats and the meaning of life. By diligent use, the careful practising of the prescribed exercises, and an awareness of the difficulty we sometimes have in understand when cats are telling us their truth, it may be possible for every cat lover to begin a new, verbal relationship with their adored feline companion.

Each chapter in the grammar section presents a simple everyday situation followed by a vocabulary list and a discussion of the various grammar points raised in the passage, including an explanation of the cultural concepts which my underpin them. Practical spoken and written exercises are presented.

The second part of the book is an absorbing and comprehensive analysis of the historical and sociological implications of human interaction with cats. Here you will learn about the deeper significance of cat ritual, the impact of cats on human history from earliest times and their plans for our future.

This book will be of interest not only to those who wish to talk to cats, but also to students of linguistics, philosophy, history, ancient religions and the human condition.


Alexandra interviewed for Fortean TV

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